Listen: Lana Del Rey teases new album with title track ‘Honeymoon’

It’s only been a year since Lana Del Rey’s last album Ultraviolence mesmerised us all with its tales of addiction and daddy issues, but we’re already getting a taste of how her next record will sound.

Honeymoon, which also acts as the title track from said record, is a slow-burner of the most excruciating kind, but the pay off is worth it for that gorgeous nostalgia-inducing bridge.

It’s a little underwhelming for a lead single – if you’re not a fan by now it’s unlikely you’ll make it through the whole six minutes – so we’re going to assume this is more of a teaser to keep us all eagerly anticipating a more impressionable second cut.

The full album is rumoured to be out this September. Are you excited?