Listen: Miley Cyrus releases new album ‘Dead Petz’ online for free

After presenting the VMA awards in Los Angeles last night, Miley Cyrus announced the release of a brand new 23-track album entitled ‘Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz’ and, best of all, it’s entirely free.

miley 2

The album presents a complete U-turn in sound from her previous release ‘Bangerz’, a transition that has evidently been inspired by her growing friendship with Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne, and her newly found creative control – the album falls outside her recording contract, making it more of a mixtape than an official release.

“That’s what I’ve got the luxury to do,” Cyrus, 22, told NY Times, “I can just do what I want to do, and make the music I want to make”.

While there’s some quality tracks on the release, what’s most interesting is the titles themselves. Standouts include ‘Something About Space Dude’; ‘Fuckin Fucked Up’; ‘Bang Me Box’; ‘I’m So Drunk’; and ‘Pablow The Blowfish’, an ode to her dead fishy friend.

Cyrus performed the lead track ‘Dooo It!’ as a surprise finale to last nights awards show, along with a troupe of 30 well-known drag queens serving as backing dancers, before announcing the album’s release.

Take a listen below and let us know what you think!