Listen: Sia channels Adele in new single ‘Alive’

Sia’s only gone and released a new single for us all to get our life from!

Alive is the first single from upcoming album This Is Acting, titled so because all of it’s contents were initially penned for other artists to sing.

And this particular track was written with a very specific vocal powerhouse in mind – Adele. The British songstress even has a writing credit on the track which, if we’re honest, only leaves us pining for what could have been (SHOULD HAVE BEEN) a great duet.

Even so, the song is nothing less than the belt-it-out-in-the-shower anthem that we’d expect from Sia, and we’re super excited to see what else is in store on the album. A track from Britney’s perspective, perhaps?

We’re quivering at the thought.