Ten things we learnt from Britney’s Vine Q&A session

Britney Spears has graced the lessers by taking time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions from fans.

Through the wonderful power of Vine, Spears appears on our screens in short, six second videos to give answers to Twitter fans questions.

Here’s ten things we found out from #6SecondsOfSpears:

1. If the many grabbing-a-starbucks-in-pyjamas paparazzi shots weren’t enough proof, we can now confirm that Britney Spears is most definitely a night owl.

2. Her favourite ride at Disneyland is Space Mountain, which means it should be your favourite ride too.

3. The only drink you should be getting from Starbucks is hibiscus berry tea.

4. If you don’t choose the top hat in Monopoly you’re a basic bitch.


5. The Queen approves of Taylor Swift’s opinion dividing mega-hit Shake It Off.

6. Not content with being a global superstar, Spears is also an advocate for the power of unconditional love.

7. You will not see her skateboarding anytime soon.

8. The only person Britney would let play Britney in a movie is Britney, naturally.  

9. She’s never had a pet cat and, by the look on her face, she never will.

10. Santa better be leaving a Maserati under Britney’s tree on Christmas Eve…  

It’s always nice to see a bit of Britney isn’t it?