Two new Madonna songs ‘Rebel Heart’ and ‘Wash All Over Me’ have leaked online


Fans of Madonna and those with good taste rejoice! After a brief snippet of new song Rebel Heart leaked yesterday, the full song has appeared online along with another track Wash All Over Me.

Madonna has been quietly working away on a new album and, aside from a few #unapologetic instagram pics and rumoured producers, we hadn’t really known what the album would sound like until now.

The songs aren’t as innovative as we might have hoped – they’re certainly not breaking any new ground – but they’re a huge improvement over 2012’s MDNA which was met pretty much universally with disappointment.

Rebel Heart, the first of the leaks, sees Madge team up with big-hit producer Avicii for an autobiographical look back on her life, where she plainly admits her narcissistic ways and love of the limelight – hardly a secret, but it’s nice to hear her acknowledge it every so often.

The lyrics are reminiscent of American Life, her most personal album to date, and the vocals are equally raw, which could be a good thing or a travesty depending on your opinion of her natural warbling.

Either way it’s refreshing after the edit-heavy MDNA album where her voice often got lost in the noisy (read: messy) production, and the lyrics are punchy and emotional enough to forgive the somewhat predictable Avicii instrumental:

So I took the road less travelled,

And I barely made it out alive,

Through the darkness somehow I survived,

Tough love, I knew it from the start,

Deep down in the depth of my rebel heart.

Second track Wash All Over Me features a frantic sound that’s more Confessions on a Dancefloor than American Life, and while it’s still a banger, it feels slightly more filler-ish than Rebel Heart.

The verses are promising and act as a good build-up but the inclusion of the lyric-free, breakdown chorus trope that’s been so popular in the charts over the past couple of years feels lazy and uninspired.

Predictably most of the links to the songs have been taken down, and her manager has already tweeted a request for help finding the person who leaked them.

I won’t be posting them here (the guy who leaked Give Me All Your Luvin’ back in 2011 ended up getting arrested) so find them on Tumblr or something, you all know how to Google.

It’s worth noting that both songs are obviously in their demo stages (which probably accounts for her relatively untouched vocals) and there’s every chance that if they appear as finished products they’ll sound a lot better.